Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello there! How your MAT character? They did need not eat but you need because you are human being. Don't play hard and skip your meal. There are many thing in this world that you must feel and understand. Experience while childhood, teenager, couple, wife or husband, parent, grandparent,dying, die and hereafter. Experience it all and take care of your health

MAT Gold hack? It is great tools, if this really really exist. I don't think this software works.

Download the link in mediafire.
1. Open MATOnline GOLD Generator ™.exe
2. Then this menu will appear in window.
3. Insert your ID, Password and desired gold and submit.
4. Then the pop-up this message.
5. The generator is in progres, please wait 24 hours.

I'm still waiting for this gold. I don't know whether this method succeed or not. You can try it yourself. I believe this generator is a scammer tool as a attraction to scam people money. The victim is young gamers that willing to buy this hack. Feel free to tell me about this tool whether working or not.

If this is really the scammer tools, what I can predict is this tool stolde your password and ID to their database. Then (x.x.x.x..x..x..x.xx.x.x..x.... )<- you can think urself what will happen to your ID.

Many people love to spend their money in this game because this is a trend in playing the online game. This is actually show-off attitude in deep of their heart. Enjoy your life as gamers and be yourself "human being
". ~_^


Anonymous said...

fucking ur mother :P

Anonymous said...

why when i download its is Sharecash?

Anonymous said...

its working ???

Anonymous said...

i cant download this la

Anonymous said...

this is scamming program~all care~=)
From:The secret Good Heart Hacker

Anonymous said...

i try a one but i cheated la :( i wait for more than 24 hour still nothing

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