Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Digimon Battle TP-hack 5.0


Download this software to open the file
u must install FREHACKED FRAMEWORK 3.5 for the hack/cheats/generator to WORK!!
download here
part 1
part 2
If you have installed prehacked framework 3.5 and yet, the hack still does not work,please install PREHACKED FRAMEWORK 4
download here
part 1
part 2
DirectX 10 © KM-Software This program is essential especially for amateur inaugural run games and wanted the purity of the screen and the accuracy and clarity This program is designed by Microsoft for the ability to run the big games, and purification of the screen and the accuracy and clarity.

download here

\ \ \ Tutorial English / / /

1 - Download an injector of your choice.
2 - write digimonbattle.exe, select the dll and click auto inject.
3 - Open the Launcher Digimon Battle Online.
4 - Click on Start and be happy.

\ \ \ Contains / / /

TP-Hack [Works 100%]

By: Admin [Vip Hack Digimon Battle] v:5.0 Update


DBOv:1.0 TP-Hack Patched

DBOv:2.0 TP-Hack Patched

DBOv:3.0 Add TP-Hack, HP, VP and EVP [Patched]

DBOv: 4.0 TP-Hack[Patched]

DBOv: 5.0 TP-Hack [100% Works]

No Patched

Update : 07/26/11.

Download Hack Here


DBO lovers said...

hey, u have hack for bit...... plisss, i need. hack bit DBO

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much it works without any problem

Zen Irsafandi Oktavian said...

Its not work again , please update

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